Dintero Checkout easily integrates with your Easy Step POS system so that your store can offer mobile payments with flexible payment methods. Your customers can then make a purchase without the use of a terminal. Dintero Checkout Instore supports payments for Vipps, invoice, instalments and card payments.

This guide is made for you to help you get started with your new payment solution today.
  • Fleksibel og skalerbar løsning som tåler et høyt trykk med trafikk
  • Standard løsning for enkel butikk/serveringssted
  • Kjedeløsning med hovedkontor og flere serveringssteder tilknyttet
  • Tilpass siden med bedriftens profil og logo

Get started today!

All you need to do is create an account, then log into our Backoffice and apply for the payment methods you want. Offer Vipps, Visa, MasterCard, invoice and instalments.
Our Backoffice is accessible at backoffice.dintero.com. To apply for payment methods, log in, click on the settings icon at the bottom left, then complete the form and select your desired payment methods. Depending on which methods you choose, you will be prompted to fill out some more forms, either right away or sent to your email.

After this, Dintero and Easy Step will handle the rest of the process.
  • Wait for processing and setup...
Accept payments on your new cash register!