The right payment solution can increase your conversion

November 29, 2022
The right payment solution is absolutely essential for satisfied customers
Trailstore chose Dintero checkout

When Jonatan Molin, owner and founder of Trailstore, turned his interest in cycling into a business, it didn't take long for the business to take off.

Now he sells bikes online to mountain bike enthusiasts all over Europe. So far the business is a great sucess and Molin thinks some of the reason is the checkout.

When customers can choose how to pay, we become more attractive. This has meant that we have increased our conversion and have gained more satisfied customers.

Trailstore chose Dintero because of the easy to use-checkout and fair price. And with his own personal  contact, Jonatan Molin feels his business is in safe hands.

The solution is as good as the competitors' and the price is lower. This is win-win. Our contact at Dintero is always quick to help us if we have issues. It makes it feel very safe and secure, and I always sleep well at night, says Molin with a smile!

Dintero offers a complete payment solution that simplifies the payment journey for your customers!