About us

We founded Dintero with the aim of removing complexity within the payment space.
We’re a Norwegian tech-first company and we focus on simplifying the payment journey. To us, every detail counts.

Company values

We know that you want to have the security of being able to get help when you need it. That's the kind of company we want to be for you.
In the payment industry, development typically doesn't happen very fast. We want to make sure we can quickly adapt to your changing needs.
We believe being smart and proactive in the way we solve problems for our customers is much better than thinking in terms of short term wins.
Customers, businesses, and industries are constantly changing. We are always curious and paying attention to the latest developments.

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled people with long track records in the payment industry. Together, we aim to challenge the market through quick development, advanced features, and a relentless focus on the customer.
"A platform with several payment methods gives the customer freedom of choice, and that is important. In addition, the solution gives us one single backoffice, ability to customize our solution, and quickly get help from Dintero's team when we need it."
Jørgen Elton Nilsen
CEO, Elton
“Since we started using Dintero, my company has saved a lot of money. Our customers are very satisfied with having Vipps, installments and card payment in just one checkout."
Gunhild Oterhals
CEO, Designforevig.no
"Dintero offer low transaction fees, and have quick, personal, and Norwegian-speaking customer service. Ease of use and offering the most popular payment methods is most important to us, and Dintero provides this."
Tommy Rønningsveen
CEO, Detailshop.no
"We are very happy with Dintero as a payment partner. It was very quick and easy to integrate our solution with Dintero Checkout, and we have received very good customer support."
Kjetil Imbsen
CEO, Sportienda.no
“The solution works well, is affordable, and Dintero is great when it comes to support and customer follow-up”
Henrik Hulaas
CEO, Glassoginterior.no