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Grow with us and earn revenue by providing industry leading payment solutions.
1. Become our Partner
Sign up to our Partner program in a few easy step and get access to your APIs and tracking links.
2. Integrate or promote
Use our APIs for a custom solution or easily integrate with our plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, NopCommerce, and Optimizely.
3. Earn revenue
Revenue solutions based off your business strategy and volumes.

Partner benefits

Payment solutions that convert
Payment solutions that convert
Gain access to our Checkout that averages 90% completion rate. Built with industry-leading user experience and the most popular global and Nordic payment methods.
Reliable and timely support
Dedicated Nordic partner support for every Partner, large and small.
Easy integrations
Integrate custom solutions easily with our friendly, yet powerful APIs. Alternatively, you can easily integrate with our CMS plugins.
Manage all your customer needs in one place
Manage the onboarding status, Checkout and Payment Method settings, Payments, Orders, Reports, and more in one backoffice.

Become a partner

You can also call us on +47 22 34 34 54 Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm CET.


Why should I partner with Dintero?

All the preferred payment methods available in one API integration and/or plugin. High conversion rates and the marked best customer success. 

How long time does it take to onboard merchants?

Usually under 24 hour with low risk merchants.

Can we automate the onboarding flow?

Yes, Dintero's platform is API-first design.

Is there possibilities for revenue earnings?

Yes, but only for selected preferred partners. Please contact sales for more information.

Do I get an overview of my connected merchants?

All certified partners will get their own partner-backoffice. Invite new merchants, check onboarding status, create API keys, make test purchases and configure payment methods.

Can I promote Dintero in any country?

We currently support merchants in the Nordics.

Do you offer a white label or a payment gateway?

Yes, we offer white label solutions to our partners.

What types of businesses can become a Dintero Partner?

Through our qualification meeting, we will decide if you are a good fit for Dintero as a partner.

Do we get human touchpoints with the partnership?

All partners and merchants will have the opportunity to reach out to Dintero by phone, email or Slack (preferred partners).

Can I access merchants accounts?

Yes, through your partner portal in Dintero Backoffice.

Do I get an overview of my active merchants?

Yes, through your partner portal in Dintero Backoffice. You can even filter by application status.

Have more questions?

Contact our team at We're always happy to help!

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