Powerful Checkout

The complete secure payment solution for your business with all the popular payment methods in one Checkout. Improve conversions, reduce costs, offer global and local Nordic payments.
Simple setup
Dintero has plugins for Woocommerce, Magento, nopCommerce and Optimizely. Integrates quickly, without any hassle.
Nordic support
We take customer dialogue seriously. Both large and small customers get a dedicated contact person.
Regardless of whether you want to receive payment in an webshop, app, or a platform, Dintero has a solution for you.

Customer friendly checkout

Dintero Checkout makes it easy to pay in your online store. Offer the payment methods your customers prefer with just one integration, whether they want Vipps, Swish, MobilePay, credit card or invoice and installments.
  • One checkout with the most popular payment methods
  • Supports installments, B2C invoice, B2B invoice, and recurring payment services.
  • Checkout express remembers customer data for returning customers
Configure checkout
Sales reports
Payment links
Payout reports
Capture & refund
Application status

All-in-one solution

Dintero Backoffice gathers all payments, payouts, and reports in one place. Say good bye to multiple logins and integrations.
  • One place for all payout reports
  • Can integrate with your accounting system
  • Create and send payment links
"A platform with several payment methods gives the customer freedom of choice, and that is important. In addition, the solution gives us one single backoffice, ability to customize our solution, and quickly get help from Dintero's team when we need it."
Jørgen Elton Nilsen
CEO, Elton
“Since we started using Dintero, my company has saved a lot of money. Our customers are very satisfied with having Vipps, installments and card payment in just one checkout."
Gunhild Oterhals
CEO, Designforevig.no
"Dintero offer low transaction fees, and have quick, personal, and Norwegian-speaking customer service. Ease of use and offering the most popular payment methods is most important to us, and Dintero provides this."
Tommy Rønningsveen
CEO, Detailshop.no
"We are very happy with Dintero as a payment partner. It was very quick and easy to integrate our solution with Dintero Checkout, and we have received very good customer support."
Kjetil Imbsen
CEO, Sportienda.no
“The solution works well, is affordable, and Dintero is great when it comes to support and customer follow-up”
Henrik Hulaas
CEO, Glassoginterior.no
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Receive payments with Dintero Checkout

Getting started with Dintero is seriously simple. Follow our installation guides for WooCommerce, Magento or Crystalize. if you want to integrate on your own. If you use NopCommerce, Optimizely or another online store solution, get in touch with our helpful support team.
  • Get the most popular payment methods in your webshop
  • We'll help you get started
  • Support for custom made websites through our API
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How to set up payments

Create an account
Fill in organization number and address. Creating an account is completely free, requires no commitment, and lets you test our checkout.
Apply for payment methods
When signed in to your Dintero account, apply for the payment methods you want, wait for application to be processed, and get an email notification when you're approved.
Install our checkout
When your application has been approved, you're ready to start using Dintero Checkout. We have free plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, Optimizely, and NopCommerce. If your have a custom webshop or app, you can integrate with our API.

Frequently asked questions

How does Dintero work?

Our platform allows you to integrate and receive payments with several payment methods in one simple checkout.

You only have to deal with us instead of having to deal with multiple payment providers, even though it's our payment partners who actually pay out the money to you behind the scenes, and are the ones who deduct the transaction fees from each payout. You will, however, find all payout reports in Dintero Backoffice regardless of which payment method was used.

Can I try Dintero for free?

You can create an account, install our plugin, and complete test transactions completely free of charge. This way, you can see how Dintero's looks and responds to your webshop's theme.

If you like what you see after testing, you can apply for payment methods from your Dintero account in Dintero Backoffice. You won't pay a dime until your application has been approved. Take a look at our prices for detailed pricing info.

Does Dintero work in my webshop?

Dintero has free plugins for well-known platforms like WooCommerce, NopCommerce, Magento, Optimizely (formerly Episerver).

If you have a custom built platform or webshop, you can integrate with our API. If you have any questions about our API, contact our developers.

Does Dintero work with my accounting system?

Settlement reports generated for each payout can be sent automatically to all the most common accounting systems by entering a unique email address found in your accounting system into Dintero Backoffice.

If you need sales reports, we create a report with all captured transactions in a month in in Dintero Backoffice. If you need a report with all sales regardless of capture status, we recommend you get this directly from your webshop platform.

Do you want a direct integration of Dintero with your accounting system, contact a third party provider called eMonkey. They have made integrations towards the following accounting systems: PowerOffice Go, Tripletex, 24SevenOffice og Xledger.

How do I apply for payment methods?

Firstly, you fill out the application and check off the payment methods you want. Within a few hours, we'll send you a signature request where you confirm the info in your application. Sign this.

If you're missing some info on your application, we'll contact you and get this sorted out before we send you the signature link.

Each of the payment method providers will then process your application. This typically takes 1-2 weeks. When your application is approved, you'll receive an email from us, confirming that you're ready to start using Dintero.

When do I receive payouts?

Default payout frequency is weekly payouts, but for card payments, Vipps, MobilePay, and Swish, you can get daily payouts if you wish. Every payment method has its own number of days of delay before it gets paid out. For details, visit our payouts page.

I sell to business customers – do you offer payment by invoice?

We have an invoice solution via Walley both for end customers (B2C) and for businesses (B2B).

For B2B, there are some technical requirements: You must use the settings embedded checkout and checkout express. The end customer must be in Norway or Sweden. If the address of the company does not correspond to public records, verification with BankID is required at the time of purchase.

EHF invoices are available to business customers if the trading company is registered in the PEPPOL register and contacts Walley himself and asks for an invoice in EHF.

How do installments work?

An automatic credit check will be carried out on all Walley orders where the customer enters their social security number.

Both when the customer pays with invoice and installments, it's irrelevant for you as the merchant whether the end customer pays the invoice or the installment on time to Walley. You will receieve a payout from Walley on the first Monday after you have completed a Walley order in your system, regardless of when the end-customer pays Walley.

When the end-customer chooses installments, Walley sends an installment agreement to the end-customer once you've completed the order in your system (not when the customer places their order). This agreement must be signed by the end-customer within a week, otherwise they will receive one invoice for the entire order amount. The end-customer can indicate which installment duration they want when they place the order in the checkout, where they also find prices and terms.

The end customer can change the repayment period afterwards by logging in to Walley.no or Walley.se.

If you refund a Walley order, the entire claim against the end customer is deleted, including any late payment and/or debt collection fees. These fees will then be deducted from your next payment.

You as the merchant have 90 days to complete a Walley order in your system. It is not until the order is completed that an invoice is created. The end-customer then has 30 days to pay, but can extend this due date free of charge for another 30 days if they wish.

I already have a payment solution, what do I need to do to switch?

If you already have a payment solution, you must still apply for payment via your Dintero account in Dintero Backoffice. Existing agreements cannot be reused.

When you are ready to switch, you apply for payment in Dintero Backoffice. Your application will then be processed within 1-2 weeks. If you need help installing our plugin, just contact us and we'll help you.

Will there be more payment methods in the future?

Yes! We are constantly developing our checkout to support the most popular payment methods. Click here to see all of our current payment methods, and the new ones we have coming soon.