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Can I test Dintero for free?

Yes! Creating an account is absolutely free, and requires no commitment from you. Just create an account and start testing.

When you're ready to start using Dintero with real transactions, you can apply for payment methods from your account. Here are our prices.

Will Dintero work with my webshop?

We have free plugins for the following webshop platforms:

- WooCommerce
- Magento
- Optimizely
- NopCommerce

If you have a custom built website, take a look at our API documentation to see how to make your own integration.

Will Dintero work with my accounting system?

Most likely!

Our settlement reports will work with the most popular accounting systems. We give you reports that automatically can be sent to your accounting system. Here are some test reports you can upload to verify that it works.

How quickly do I receive payouts?

Depending on which agreement you have with us, you can get daily, weekly, or monthly payouts.

Contact us to find out which agreement is best for you.

How can I test payments with Dintero?

After you've created a free account, create the keys you need to connect Dintero to your webshop or app.

After this, install out plugin in your eCommerce platform, and paste the keys you created into the settings.

Here are some fake data you can use to test payments:

Where can I download the free plugin?

If you simply search for "Dintero" when you navigate to where you add your plugins in your webshop platform, you'll find the Dintero Checkout plugin.

Where can I find my payout reports?

Dintero Backoffice gives you an overview of all your payouts regardless of payment method at Payments → Payouts.

You get the reports in both csv, excel and pdf format.

NB: Vipps reports need to be configured in the Vipps portal in order to see your Vipps reports in Dintero Backoffice. See our setup guide for Vipps reports.

For how long after an order can I complete the order?

Invoice/ Installments
For invoice or installments with Walley (formerly known as Collector), you can keep an authorized transaction for 90 days before you have to capture the transaction. When the amount is captured, the end customer's invoice will be created - not before this.

Card payments
For card payments, a reservation will be valid for approximately 7 days, depending on the end customer's bank. In most cases it should be possible to capture the money from an authorized transaction for 30 days or more if the customer has a valid card and enough money on the card.

Vipps doesn't decide how long the end customer's bank will hold a reservation, but Vipps says this about reservations: “VISA reservations are valid for 7 days ( Five for Visa Electron). The banks will release the reservation after 4-7 days, but as long as the money is withdrawn within 7 days, VISA guarantees that the money can be withdrawn”. Vipps's payment provider is Adyen, and they have the following documentation for VISA reservations

MasterCard reservations are valid for 30 days. The bank of the end customer can release the reservation before this, but if the money is withdrawn within 30 days, MasterCard guarantees that the money can be withdrawn. Vipps' payment provider is Adyen, and they have the following documentation for Mastercard reservations.

Vipps neither can nor will change the status of a reservation automatically. If an attempt to withdraw the money is made more than 7 days (VISA) or 30 days (MasterCard) after the payment is initiated and the reservation has been released by the end customer's bank in the meantime, Vipps can make a new payment request to the end customer's bank. If there is money in the customer's account, the payment will still be deductible. If there are not sufficient funds in the end customer's account, the transaction will either be completed and thus cause the end customer's account to go in the red, or fail if the customer's account is not allowed to go in the red - e.g. youth accounts. Other reasons for a failed transaction can e.g. be expired or blocked for a period of time between authorization and attempted withdrawal transaction. Vipps cannot know in advance what will happen to each end customer.

Often the banks will have a register of cards that have expired, and will force a withdrawal on this if the account allows this. This will cause the account to go in the red. To avoid dissatisfied customers this action should be avoided. 

In the event of an expired reservation or if the capture fails
Should you exceed the time an authorization is valid, you can ask the end customer to complete the transaction again. If you wish you can send the customer a payment link by email or text message via our digital terminal in Dintero Backoffice.
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For end-customers

Questions about an invoice I received from Dintero

If you have received an invoice or collection notice from Dintero, it means that your social security number has been used to shop with an invoice or partial payment in an online store that uses Dintero Checkout.

If you disagree that you should have received this invoice, the point of sale is the only ones who have the authority to make changes to this invoice, and we therefore recommend contacting the point of sale first.

You will find the point of sale at the bottom of your invoice. If the point of sale where you shopped are unable to help you, please contact our support.

It says "Dintero Checkout" on my bank statement

Dintero Checkout is a payment solution used by many stores, webshops, and restaurants. Some of these stores have a type of agreement which means that we as a payment solution must appear on your bank statement instead of the store's name.

If you want to find out where you shopped, create a myDintero account within 30 days of making the purchase, and you will get an overview of all your orders via Dintero Checkout.

If it says "Dintero Checkout No. 2" on your bank statement, it is most likely from a dance school that uses our payment solution.

If you're still not sure where you've made a purchase, please contact our support.

Dintero requested a credit check on my name

When you enter your social security number in Dintero Checkout to shop by invoice in a webshop, a credit check will automatically be done for this social security number. We do not use your information for any purpose other than to check that this social security number is sufficiently creditworthy to complete the transaction.

If you know for sure that you have not entered your social security number in Dintero Checkout, we recommend that you contact Walley, who is our partner who performs these credit checks on our behalf.

Find all my purchases with Dintero

If you create a myDintero account, you will be able to see all your purchases through Dintero Checkout regardless of whether you have shopped at one or more points of sale that use our payment solution.

To see your first purchase, you must create a myDintero account within 30 days . After this you will find all your purchases through Dintero Checkout by logging in to