Dintero partner Krokedil

March 2, 2022
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Krokedil makes e-commerce easy

Krokedil makes your online store more efficient by offering a number of different plugins that expand the functionality of WooCommerce and connect your store to different business providers. Embedded checkout solutions, payment modules, shipping solutions and order management are what we mainly develop, but also have several other tools to make your online store more effective.

We have developed plugins in collaboration with several of the leading players in shipping services and online payment.

Krokedil started in 2010 and we have worked with WooCommerce since it was launched in 2011.

For more information, visit www.krokedil.com

Se hvor enkelt du kommer i gang med Dintero

Dintero er din seriøst enkle "one-stop"-plattform for digitale betalinger. Kom i gang allerede i dag eller les mer om vår betalingsløsning Dintero Checkout.

Se hur enkelt det är att komma igång med Dintero

Dintero är din seriöst enkla "one-stop"-plattform för digitala betalningar. Kom igång redan idag eller läs mer om vår betalningslösning Dinero Checkout.

Getting started with Dintero is seriously simple!

Dintero is your seriously simple "one-stop" platform for digital payments. Get started today or learn more about our payment solution Dintero Checkout.