Dintero secures contract with Vy for delivery of advanced marketplace platform

June 23, 2020
Vy train
Through Vy's digital platforms, you can soon buy door-to-door journeys from multiple merchants in one single order. Following an extensive bidding process, Vy chose fin-tech startup Dintero for developing the advanced marketplace platform that will offer seamless customer journeys.

The solution called Dintero Marketplace will handle the ordering and calculate split payouts to all merchants involved in the purchase. Vy also plan to use Dintero Marketing & Reward to increase loyalty amongst its customers.

- Dintero met our complex requirements for the marketplace platform we requested for ordering modes of transport and services from multiple companies. We are already in the process of implementation and are looking forward to present this to our customers for an easier door-to-door experience,” says Erlend Weiby Development Manager for Digital Channels in Vy.

It doesn’t get any easier

A door-to-door journey can consist of one or several modes of transport, such as train, bus, taxi and/or car. In addition, the customers should be able to add food or upgrades. In order to provide the best customer experience it is important that the customers don't have to make a purchase several times - this saves them time and leaves them with the experience of a seamless solution. Dintero Marketplace will automatically handle how the amount is to be split and paid to the platform holder and the different providers.

Photo: Vy / Mads Kristiansen

- Vy has technical expertise with modern technologies and is a highly innovative company. We are happy to partner with Vy and excited to show our ability to supply to large businesses with complex needs. We look forward to working with Vy, says CEO and Co-founder of Dintero Daro Navaratnam with a smile.

Aims to provide a global Marketplace platform for all industries

The Dintero Marketplace platform is customisable to any business who wants to build a platform that offers services and products from multiple providers. All Dintero products and services are built so that they are easy to integrate with minimal implementation time, and that’s the philosophy that the company is built on. 

- Dintero Marketplace makes it easy to get started with a platform that offers unique and innovative customer journeys. In addition, our customers can easily implement our services such as our loyalty - and payment services, and of course customise these to their own needs. Our customers will cut significant costs on administration, as this solution simplifies settlement and payments between merchants, says Navaratnam.

About Dintero

Dintero is a tech startup located at StartupLab at Forskningsparken Oslo. Dintero offers payment solutions, both instore and online, combined with solutions for customer insight and loyalty. Amongst Dintero’s growing customer base you’ll find Europris, Staples, Skeidar, Instabank and Byggern, all of which operate with large customer bases and have high demand systems.

eight people from Dintero. Delivering Split Payment to VY
Some of the team from Dintero

About the Vy-group

Vy is one of the largest transport organisations in the Nordic region and runs trains and buses in Norway and Sweden. Vy operates freight trains in Norway through the company CargoNet, as well as offering travel package deals and mobility services. The organisation has over 11,000 employees across Norway and Sweden.

Contact Dintero:

CEO og Co-founder Daro Navaratnam


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