Duration of authorizations

Dec 22, 2023

Invoice and installments

For invoice or installments with Walley (formerly known as Collector), you can keep an authorized transaction for 90 days before you have to capture the transaction. When the amount is captured, the end customer's invoice will be created - not before this.

Card payments

For card payments, a reservation will be valid for approximately 7 days, depending on the end customer's bank. In most cases it should be possible to capture the money from an authorized transaction for 30 days or more if the customer has a valid card and enough money on the card.


Vipps doesn't decide how long the end customer's bank will hold a reservation, but Vipps says this about reservations: “VISA reservations are valid for 7 days ( Five for Visa Electron). The banks will release the reservation after 4-7 days, but as long as the money is withdrawn within 7 days, VISA guarantees that the money can be withdrawn”.

MasterCard reservations are valid for 30 days. The bank of the end customer can release the reservation before this, but if the money is withdrawn within 30 days, MasterCard guarantees that the money can be withdrawn.

automatically. If an attempt to withdraw the money is made more than 7 days (VISA) or 30 days (MasterCard) after the payment is initiated and the reservation has been released by the end customer's bank in the meantime, Vipps can make a new payment request to the end customer's bank. If there is money in the customer's account, the payment will still be deductible. If there are not sufficient funds in the end customer's account, the transaction will either be completed and thus cause the end customer's account to go in the red, or fail if the customer's account is not allowed to go in the red - e.g. youth accounts. Other reasons for a failed transaction can e.g. be expired or blocked for a period of time between authorization and attempted withdrawal transaction. Vipps cannot know in advance what will happen to each end customer.

Often the banks will have a register of cards that have expired, and will force a withdrawal on this if the account allows this. This will cause the account to go in the red. To avoid dissatisfied customers this action should be avoided.

In the event of an expired reservation or if the capture fails:

Should you exceed the time an authorization is valid, you can ask the end customer to complete the transaction again. If you wish you can send the customer a payment link by email or text message via our digital terminal in Dintero Backoffice.

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